Your Entrepreneurial DNA eBook

The Business Lens You Look Through

Your entrepreneurial DNA (eDNA) is the lens you look through when it comes to business decisions.

In your personal life…and especially in your professional life.

This free ebook reveals just how common it is to get stuck in your business…and exactly how that happens.

It’s not what you think!

Discover the hidden factor that’s been impeding you and how to tame it …while firing up your superpower beyond what you thought possible.

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  • Based on what you read, can you guess what is your predominant eDNA? (Most of us have a mix of all 4 types)
  • Can you guess what the type is of the people you most like to work with?
  • Can you guess what the type is of the people you least like to work with?
  • Wrap your head around why being able to quickly determine the eDNA of the person sitting across from you is way more powerful than the best referral you’ll ever get.