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Vision & Mission

Center of Transformation




How many business professionals don’t have written Goals & Objectives, Defined? We call that document a GOD form. Do you have trouble developing one that sticks, is compelling and has action steps? Yeah, we know. That’s why our GOD Discovery includes a 45-minute debrief with one of our coaches. Never again be unclear on what you are aiming at or why.


More about the GOD-Form toolkit:

  1. You’ll want to carve out 1-2 hours to think about what you really want from your business. You deserve to make time to work on your business rather than just keep working in it.
  2. There are no right answers. There are only your answers.
  3. You’ll determine what your payoffs are for reaching your goals and objectives.
  4. You’ll determine what your target completion dates are.
  5. You pick whether your GOD-Form is built on SMART or SHARP accountability measurements.
  6. The 45-minute debrief of your completed GOD-Form will be held at a convenient time for you.

Vision & Mission


Vision & Mission

Even with a take-no-prisoners business plan that is built on specific, compelling and actionable goals and objectives, you still must have your North Star. Most business professionals—even “hard-core” ones—can’t articulate their mission (which their clients should experience) or their vision (which is what gets the practitioner up in the morning). Why is that? Because most tools for developing vision or mission are too pie-in-the-sky or artsy-fartsy. Our vision and mission statement tool is simple, but powerful. Together, your vision and mission act as your North Star, guiding you confidently forward.


The Vision & Mission toolkit:

  1. Will help you quickly declare your internal vision (what you want to be best at).
  2. It will also help you establish your external vision (how you want to serve your clients).
  3. You’ll be able to clearly state (as will your team) your “why” (mission).
  4. Empowers you to communicate both your vision and mission easily and consistently.
  5. This toolkit comes with two (2) 30-minute guidance sessions, one at the start and the other at your choosing (midway or at the end).

Center of Transformation

$1,497 | $2,497 (COT2) | $4,497 (COT3)

Center of Transformation

When you set out to grow a business, your vision is hopeful and positive. Secretly you think that, maybe for you, the roads will be clear and the skies sunny. But then reality hits you. It’s not at all like you envisioned. You work and work and work. And you know some businesses are winning. Bigtime. You wonder, What’s their secret? You also wonder if your vision is a myth? Are you chasing unicorns? Obviously not, because you see competitors winning. But what if there are secrets they know that you don’t? What if we could help you grow more than 10% a year? Or more?

Here’s our promise: we can help you grow. How can we be so sure? Because marketing is tougher than it used to be. Buyers have access to all the knowledge they could ever want. How can you stand out? How can you grow? Well, not by doing what everyone else does. Other trusted advisors say they build their client base through 1) referrals, 2) networking and 3) a center of influence (the nearly unicorn and legendary “COI”). But that’s not what they actually do. They “forget to ask.” They can’t make the “inconvenient” networking events. They have no idea how to ask someone that influential to become their COI.

And that’s why their revenue growth is almost accidental. It can’t be replicated. It isn’t systematized. Most importantly, even these methods don’t work like they used to. So trying harder at one, two or all three tactics will just burn up more of your already limited bandwidth.

Because to win in your marketplace, you must disrupt your marketing methodology. While no one argues that having a COI is a massive asset for growing your business, only ~1% of trusted advisors have one. But consider what would happen if instead of busting your hump to land a COI, you became the COI? What if you flipped the tactic on its head, and business owners started asking you to be their COI? The Center of Transformation shows you exactly how to do that in your community.


Why implement the Center of Transformation toolkit:

  1. Creating a market dominating position in your community can only be accomplished by adopting an entirely new strategy. Otherwise, you’ll waste away from incremental tweaks.
  2. Engaging in your future clients’ buyer’s journey is essential. COT maps out the best steps for you, based on your business. This is not a one-size-fits-all tactic.
  3. Instead of you hunting for a center of influence (COI), COT shows you how to become a COI for your clients…especially your business clients.
  4. You’ll see your revenue rise up and to the right.
  5. You’ll receive Progress Checks (45-minute coaching sessions) to monitor, evaluate, and make course corrections.
  6. COT1 = Guaranteed revenue growth of 5% in 90-days (after we establish a launch baseline with you.)¥
  7. COT2 = Guaranteed revenue growth of 10% in 120-days.¥ [Three (3) Progress Checks]
  8. COT3 = Guaranteed revenue growth of 20% in 180-days.¥ [Five (5) Progress Checks]

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