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Reframing Your Sales Process For More Impact

Sales Mastery

Vector Tracking

Sales Mastery


Sales Mastery

Nearly half of all business owners and employees make decisions through one specific entrepreneurial bias. Virtually all of them are completely unaware of their bias. That’s a problem. But it get’s worse. That bias-percentage climbs much higher in the trusted advisor space. And now the problem is crippling, because the majority of trusted advisors never want to be seen as “That guy!”  In other words, they don’t want to be viewed as a “sales person.” Even though they consciously understand that to succeed in their career, they gotta make sales.

Sales Mastery is designed to solve that success-inhibiting problem. But you’ll never once be “That guy.”


The Sales Mastery toolkit:

  1. Will have you quickly embracing metrics, and developing success-enhancing habits.
  2. Includes the advanced eDNA assessment with three (3) readback sessions (60 minutes) with your certified eDNA coach.
  3. Includes the Rocket Fuel Business Plan ($197 value).
  4. Includes Vision & Mission worksheet.
  5. Teaches you how to engage your eDNA strengths, consistently.

Vector Tracking


Vector Tracking

We all know that what gets measured gets done. And…that is why so many trusted advisors don’t keep track. Accountability sometimes stings. So, our Vector Tracking toolkit is painless but direct. It’s a complete rebuild of the age-old 20-Point Day system. Except ours tracks all 7 days in a week and allows you to not only keep track of what you did, but how you got there. It serves you as a supercharged accountability tracker, empowering record-keeper and a kick-arse journal. You will get more done and it will begin on day one.


The Vector Tracking toolkit:

  1. Will quickly deliver the breakthrough you need to hit your immediate numbers goal.
  2. Includes your basic eDNA assessment (free) with readback session (60 minutes) with your certified eDNA coach.
  3. Maps a quick path out of the penalty box (payout “haircut”).
  4. Empowers you to crush the short-term goal.
  5. Teaches you how to play to your eDNA strength so you’re never in this position again.

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