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Profit Optimizer

$997 | $1,497 (PO+)

Profit Optimizer

The Profit Optimizer is not designed to increase your revenues incrementally, but geometrically. This toolkit  is built to provide you with revenue-generating fuel to immediately improve your business. It works so well because its foundation is knowing your entrepreneurial DNA. This establishes what your “unique abilities” are.

Unique abilities are those things you do well, without thinking about them. Your advanced eDNA assessment helps you leverage your unique abilities toward performing your “highest profit-producing activities.” Those are the activities that you can do to generate maximum revenue for your business.

For example, you may possess excellent communication skills, but you never attend networking events where you could be generating a massive number of leads and referrals that could dramatically impact your business revenue. Perhaps you possess persuasive writing skills, but you never create marketing materials for your business.

When you’re not aligning your unique abilities with your highest profit-producing activities, you may be depriving your business of serious cash flow. This toolkit will help you change this forever… so that you do both of these critical functions efficiently and effectively.


The Profit Optimizer toolkit:

  1. Establishes a baseline, using your current numbers, that acts as your launchpad.
  2. Uses 25 key performance indicators (KPIs) to map out your ideal trajectory.
  3. If you incrementally improve in only 2-3 metrics, the results can be dramatic. Dramatically good.
  4. Comes with a 200% guarantee. What does that tell you about the power of this toolkit?
  5. The Profit Optimizer is our premium power fuel for revenue acceleration.
  6. NOTE: If you have not already discovered your entrepreneurial DNA—your business superpower, as well as its Kryptonite—you’ll need the select PO+. It adds your eDNA advanced assessment so that your Profit Optimizer integrates all the power available to your revenue acceleration.

Business Optimizer


Business Optimizer

Because there are 4 entrepreneurial DNA types, there are 4 optimized business models. The chances are high that your business is not optimized. In other words, even if you’re happy with your business revenues, they could be better. Probably a lot better. Taking you and your business through the process of optimizing it will do wonders for efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, you can reach your potential.


The Business Optimizer toolkit:

  1. Helps you create an optimized model for your business by mapping it out,
  2. It begins with establishing your target market(s), and ends with your personal leadership journey.
  3. The ten (10) steps in between chart out, in detail, the client problems you solve, your key solutions, your go-to-market strategy, your core differentiators, your team’s eDNA and other mission critical components.

Marketing CAT-Scan


Marketing CAT-Scan

Are you tired of talking about “taking your business to the next level”—whatever that means? Would having a full-bodied plan, complete with strategic and tactical steps, advance your business to a level you didn’t think was attainable? We agree!

The Marketing CAT-Scan is not for someone trying to figure out what really matters to them. Are you an entrepreneur/owner who is eager to work harder on your business than you ever have before? Because if you are, then soon you will have the greatest clarity of what you hope to accomplish in your business, right up until it is time to prepare for your business exit strategy.


The Marketing CAT-Scan toolkit:

  1. Answers the nagging question you’ve been wondering: “Why don’t we do that any more?”
  2. Gets you out of your business long enough to “work on it” instead of “in it.” Your business growth requires your presence.
  3. Brings you a toolkit full of “Ah ha!” insights that lead directly to next steps.
  4. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll scratch your head and say, “Hey, I never would have thought of that!” And then you’ll smile.
  5. Helps you quickly map out a new revenue trajectory in overlooked opportunities, hidden behind the noise of your business.
  6. Needs ~6 hours of your focused attention. Only you can do this. The results will amaze you. So will the new revenues.

SPACE Funnel


SPACE Funnel

The Space Funnel might seem like the crib notes version of something larger. It can be, but it stands alone as a marketing development tool. It will serve you best when you take the time—with your team, if you have one—to consider, review, maybe even argue through how you define each of your marketing engines. For instance, who are your ideal “Suspects”? What must happen in your marketing efforts to move a suspect into becoming a “Prospect”? And at the other end of the spectrum, how will you capitalize on your greatest superfans, the “Evangelist”?

NOTE: the Space Funnel is a perfect bolt-on booster when combined with Vision & Mission and the Communication Matrix toolkits.


The Space Funnel toolkit:

  1. This worksheet-based toolkit encourages discussion and idea-generation related to growing the power of your marketing engine.
  2. You’ll go back to your early days as a trusted advisor and think about your business in fresh ways.
  3. Using a literal paper napkin is a perfectly useful approach to this toolkit’s primary exercise.
  4. The largest multinational firms in the world have and use a SPACE Funnel. The odds are that you do not. That’s why such a simple tool can act like gunpowder; the flash-to-bang is quick.

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