Revenue ROCKET Memberships

Like Having a Booster Rocket. Except Better. Way Better!


Being in the company of like-minded and like-hearted financial professionals is, well, priceless.


Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Journey?

✓ Have you wondered “Am I competitive…enough?”
✓ Have you regretted poor communication with any your clients?
✓ Ever feel like you’re not worthy of a fantastic referral?
✓ Is it an understatement to say you’re a “busy trusted advisor”?
✓ Do you run out of day before you run out of things that must get done?
✓ Do you ever feel isolated and unsupported?
✓ Do you fear it’s too late to get your practice/yourself figured out?
✓ Find yourself wishing you had a trusted advisor’s support group?

Then we have you covered with our LAUNCHPAD Membership options:


Accelerator Solo
ACCELERATOR SOLO is designed for trusted advisors with crazy schedules.
You Control Your Timeline
Work Within Your Budget
Make Progress At Your Pace
What You Need when You Need It
Videos, templates, audios...plus
Launchpad Cohort
LAUNCHPAD COHORT is optimized for professionals ready to grow!
Everything in Accelerator Solo
Powered Up With a Group
Access to All Recordings
Supercharge Your Growth
Just-In-Time Training 2X monthly
You'll Get Live Q&A
You'll Make New Friends
Expand Your Industry Knowledge
Rocket Liftoff
LAUNCHPAD LIFTOFF is designed for professionals who feel a need for speed!
Includes Everything in Cohort
Adds Personalized Coaching
Brings 25+ Years of Experience
Private and Confidential
One 90-Minute Session per Month
Unlimited Email Support
Access to Your Encrypted Recordings
Ignites Your Unknown Afterburners