Rocket Liftoff

For Trusted Advisors Seeking Accelerated Transformation

  • Group membership PLUS One-on-One Coaching.
  • Imagine getting personalized guidance!
  • Hyper-focused on empowering you.
  • Monthly 90-minute session.
  • Best-in-class is our target.
  • Unlimited email support.
  • Upgrade / downgrade at any time.

Our coaching clients typically generate a 5X ROI with in 6 months.


What Exactly is ROCKET LIFTOFF?
Do I Really Need It?

ROCKET Liftoff

Membership Basics

ROCKET LIFTOFF includes everything in LAUNCHPAD COHORT, but adds one-on-one coaching to your membership! This means that it is designed for proactive trusted advisors who are committed to becoming the best you can be.

This option is highly desirable when you are aiming to exit your practice in the next 5-10 years..


For Trusted Advisors Seeking Accelerated Transformation

  • Adds One-on-One coaching to our group membership option.
  • Nimble scheduling to accommodate your calendar.
  • Access to all your private recordings (encrypted)
  • Deal with issues in real-time.
  • Your coach is an Industry veteran.
  • Fastest path to transformational change.
  • Pays dividends year over year.
  • Upgrade / downgrade at any time.
  • Elevates your advisor journey.

5X ROI in 6 Months

Rocket Liftoff
One-on-One Coaching

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Optimized to Accelerate Your Success

If you’re like far too many financial professionals, you work too many hours, you’re paid less than you are worth, your clients are too hard to attract, and you’re not enjoying your career.


The good news? You’re not alone.

The best news? We’ve got you covered.

Rocket Liftoff delivers private one-on-one coaching in addition to instant access to all the tested-in-the-trenches resources in our group-coaching and DIY membership options.. All designed to accelerate your progress …on your terms.:

  • Build the practice of your dreams
  • Generate more revenue…consistently
  • Realign your market to your vision
  • Master your time & priorities
  • Increase the average value of each client
  • Deliver massive value to your clients
  • Become the best-in-class in your market
  • Track your key metrics
  • Enjoy a community of like-minded professionals
  • Learn from our case studies
  • Revisit audios and videos to lock down core lessons
  • Discover new best-practices via our webinars


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Case Studies
ROCKET Resources
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Power Up

Power Up Your Business

Unlock Alignment

Unlock Market Alignment

Optimize Brand

Optimize Your Brand

Rocket Revenue

Rocket Your Revenue

LIFTOFF Perfectly Aligns With Our Success Path Framework

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You're Busy. And You Have Questions.

We've collated the most commonly asked questions about Launchpad's membership levels.

What are the membership differences?

The key differences between the membership levels really have to do with what works best for you.

ACCELERATOR SOLO is designed for trusted advisors who might be working with a limited budget or who don't have time to attend group sessions. Possibly both! So, ACCELERATOR SOLO is more of a DIY-kind of membership. Plug in. Get what you need. You control the timeline. Boom!

LAUNCHPAD COHORT includes everything in ACCELERATOR SOLO, but adds the group membership element. This means that even if you can't attend a group session, you'll still have access to the recording (video and audio files) for as long as you're a member at this level.

ROCKET LIFTOFF is the highest membership level (currently). It includes all the goodness in LAUNCHPAD COHORT but adds a monthly one-on-one (private) session with Joel. Of course, the upside of this is that you can cover things you would not feel comfortable sharing even in a closed-group.

What does it cost?

Membership costs vary depending on the level you choose. Here are the details:

  1. Accelerator Solo: Available at just over $3 a day for Charter Members, paid monthly.
  2. Launchpad Cohort: Priced at an average of $9 per day for Charter Members, paid monthly.
  3. Rocket Liftoff: This membership offers the opportunity for one-on-one time with Joel outside of group sessions, which is typically valued at $400+ per hour. Like other memberships, "Rocket Liftoff" is paid monthly for Charter Members. We've designed a simple payment system to make your life easier. Cancelling and rejoining your membership is hassle-free, though there may be price adjustments during your absence.
What else do i have access to as a member?

We’re developing other cool and acceleration-centric things to plug into. As a member of any of our membership levels, you are entitled to discounts on admission for many of our offers, including our signature program, Revenue ROCKET Interstellar. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming annual retreat and other exciting events.

What kinds of topics can I expect to see covered?

We cover topics that relate to every aspect of your life, starting with how to be the best trusted advisor you can be. So, our focus leans toward “skill sets.” And…we recognize that being a great trusted advisor isn’t just about skill sets. It’s about becoming our best selves. So we get into that, too. How do I manage my time so that I can get my life back? What can I do to become a better listener…to anyone? Can you show me ways to maintain my confidence, no matter what is happening? We want you to be the Best-In-Class Trusted Advisor in your community, regardless of the size of that community. Right? 😊

Each month we’ll bring you amazing resources that will keep you moving forward as a great trusted advisor and a marvelous human.

How do I invite colleagues to become members?

Encourage your connections to join the Accelerator Launchpad community through our Facebook page. Membership not only fosters existing relationships but also opens doors to new connections, providing inspiration and guidance to excel as a trusted advisor and individual.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about membership?

Please contact us at membersupport@acceleratorlaunchpadcom.






Team Optimizing



Joel’s approach to coaching is almost indecipherable. It doesn’t feel like you are going through a coaching program.  It actually feels like you have the most ideal co-founder working alongside you.

Joel is someone who not only understands what it is like to build something as momentous as a business, he also understands the complexity of doing that at the same time as actively raising a family.

Joel has been in my corner supporting me, motivating me and inspiring me for as long as I can remember and I owe many personal and professional successes to him.

If you have a chance to work with Joel…jump at it…he will change your life for the better on a personal and professional level.

Kase Dean

Founder & CEO

Joel is an accomplished entrepreneur and coaching professional. In my experiences with Joel, he’s never failed to provide me with thoughtful, objective, clarity along with integrity. He cares deeply about the success and well being of those around him, and has a unique ability to draw out analogies that make an otherwise difficult topic easy to understand. His never ending wit and humor are an added bonus for an enjoyable experience. Joel will work tirelessly, and with his enthusiasm, he’ll inspire you to achieve great things.

Barb Ernst

Regional Manager, Allstate

Joel was one of the smartest managers I have met in my 24 years as a manager in the Financial industry. His attention to detail and his way of keeping all the “Balls” in the air at the same time was an inspiration. Looking to Joel for any type of partnership or leadership would be the smartest move you will ever make.

Jim Scott, Sr.

Financial Industry Veteran

Joel Lund first impressed me as a thorough professional with keen intellect. As we worked together, I quickly learned that he brings a wealth of interpersonal skills to his projects. He is humble, humorous and a great listener. I highly recommend him as a detail-oriented, objective expert in: finances, team leadership, personal development and much more besides.

Jacob Nordby

Marketing Director, Hierophant

Joel is a gifted leader and colleague. He has a unique background in theory and practice which allows him to identify real solutions to real problems. He is also a gifted communicator and teacher. Joel would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Robert Morgan

Morgan Consulting, Hierophant

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