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It’s Time To Launch Your Revenue ROCKET!


Are you ready to supercharge your journey?

✓ Have you wondered “Am I competitive…enough?”
✓ Have you regretted poor communication with any your clients?
✓ Ever feel like you’re not worthy of a fantastic referral?
✓ Is it an understatement to say you’re a “busy trusted advisor”?
✓ Do you run out of day before you run out of things that must get done?
✓ Do you ever feel isolated and unsupported?
✓ Do you fear it’s too late to get your practice/yourself figured out?
✓ Find yourself wishing you had a trusted advisor’s support group?

What You Will Look Forward To…

✓ Realizing you are not alone
✓ Getting time-saving tools and tested-in-the-trenches tips…get more done in less time
✓ Being surrounded by encouragement and support
✓ Feeling empowered and uplifted
✓ Breathing in calm and confidence (it’s never too late)
✓ Knowing your enduring value and worth
✓ Building lasting friendships with like-hearted trusted advisors

Release Your Warrior

Release Your Inner Warrior

Some days you’re victorious. And some days you’re so…not. It’s time to conquer your mindset.

Orbital Growth

Take Your Revenues Orbital

Leave the revenue struggle behind you, and enjoy bulletproof growth, year over year.

Hit Your Goals

Hit Yours Goals Consistently

Crack the code for hitting your goals consistently. Remove the doubt. Increase your confidence.

Maintain Course

Stay On Your Course

No matter the disruption (which are inconvenient always), you’ll maintain course and speed.

Master Your Time

Master Your Time

Let’s face it. The pace of your business is nuts. Level up your organizing hacks and rock your calendaring conflicts.

Be Most Referred

Become Most Referred

It’s simple enough: The trusted advisors who are most trusted become the most referred. So, be that one.

What You'll Get

What You Will Get In Your Member’s Area

Depending on your membership level, you’ll have access to:


  1. Materials designed to help you rock your trusted advisor world.
  2. Tools to help remove fear, increase your confidence and recover from setbacks.
  3. An inspirational blog from Joel, full of additional strategies to energize you.
  4. Joel’s monthly all-members coaching lesson! Get his coaching tips and tactics to empower you in your role as trusted advisor.
  5. Exclusive access to the private Accelerator Launchpad Facebook group. You may just discover that it becomes the best part of your membership experience.
  6. Discounts to our special events (bootcamps, intensives, workshops, annual retreat) and other programs.
  7. You may feature your business, product or service in our weekly feature on the private Accelerator Launchpad Facebook page.


  1. A mighty inspiring audio file (mp3) where you’ll listen in on Joel while he interviews his special guest. You’ll also receive Joel’s essential takeaways and strategies from the interview.
  2. An interview guide so you can easily follow along, jotting down notes and key ideas for when they’ll be most helpful.
  3. “T-Minus” Tips Sheet: Busy trusted advisors need all the help they can get. Sometimes, these tips will come from Joel’s guest. Some of them may come from new research. And some of them will come from our members.
  4. Live Zoom call with Joel, delivered right to your favorite device each month
    • You’ll be able to interact with Joel and other members on a “hot seat.”
    • This topic will be determined by members’ input on surveys we send out.
    • Got pain points? We’ll cover them here.
    • Not only will you get Joel’s insights during this coaching call, you’ll connect with other Cohort members.

All Memberships “Dock” With Our SUCCESS PATH FRAMEWORK

AL Success Path Framework
How To Access

How You Will Get Into Your Member’s Area

We have a dedicated and private website just for you. Depending on your membership level, you’ll have access to:


  • Monthly coaching tip from Joel
  • Joel’s special edition “Rocket Fuels for Trusted Advisors”
  • Monthly podcast interview of a trusted advisor just like you (in fact, it might be you, if you want!)
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Scripts
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Guides
  • Downloads
  • Links to other resources we believe in
  • And much more…


The Trusted Advisor’s Trusted Advisor

Joel has been helping hundreds of trusted advisors breakthrough their revenue goals for over 20 years.

He has three coaching designations and four GAMA International Manager awards from leading an office 40+ advisors out of the bottom 10% (nationwide) and into the top 10% in under 5 years. His office generated an average $30M a year in revenue, and managed ~$450M of other people’s money.

Most importantly, he knows the challenges and unrecognized success blockers that can impede even the best of financial professionals.

That’s why he’s created the SUCCESS PATH Framework, and Revenue ROCKET Coaching Programs and Membership levels.

If you’re interested in chatting with Joel about one-to-one coaching, click here to schedule a call.

Joel Lund
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You're Busy. And You Have Questions.

We've collated the most commonly asked questions about Launchpad's membership levels.

What are the membership differences?

The key differences between the membership levels really have to do with what works best for you.

ACCELERATOR SOLO is designed for trusted advisors who might be working with a limited budget or who don't have time to attend group sessions. Possibly both! So, ACCELERATOR SOLO is more of a DIY-kind of membership. Plug in. Get what you need. You control the timeline. Boom!

LAUNCHPAD COHORT includes everything in ACCELERATOR SOLO, but adds the group membership element. This means that even if you can't attend a group session, you'll still have access to the recording (video and audio files) for as long as you're a member at this level.

ROCKET LIFTOFF is the highest membership level (currently). It includes all the goodness in LAUNCHPAD COHORT but adds a monthly one-on-one (private) session with Joel. Of course, the upside of this is that you can cover things you would not feel comfortable sharing even in a closed-group.

What does it cost?

Membership costs vary depending on the level you choose. Here are the details:

  1. Accelerator Solo: Available at just over $3 a day for Charter Members, paid monthly.
  2. Launchpad Cohort: Priced at an average of $9 per day for Charter Members, paid monthly.
  3. Rocket Liftoff: This membership offers the opportunity for one-on-one time with Joel outside of group sessions, which is typically valued at $400+ per hour. Like other memberships, "Rocket Liftoff" is paid monthly for Charter Members. We've designed a simple payment system to make your life easier. Cancelling and rejoining your membership is hassle-free, though there may be price adjustments during your absence.
What else do i have access to as a member?

We’re developing other cool and acceleration-centric things to plug into. As a member of any of our membership levels, you are entitled to discounts on admission for many of our offers, including our signature program, Revenue ROCKET Interstellar. Stay tuned for details about our upcoming annual retreat and other exciting events.

What kinds of topics can I expect to see covered?

We cover topics that relate to every aspect of your life, starting with how to be the best trusted advisor you can be. So, our focus leans toward “skill sets.” And…we recognize that being a great trusted advisor isn’t just about skill sets. It’s about becoming our best selves. So we get into that, too. How do I manage my time so that I can get my life back? What can I do to become a better listener…to anyone? Can you show me ways to maintain my confidence, no matter what is happening? We want you to be the Best-In-Class Trusted Advisor in your community, regardless of the size of that community. Right? 😊

Each month we’ll bring you amazing resources that will keep you moving forward as a great trusted advisor and a marvelous human.

How do I invite colleagues to become members?

Encourage your connections to join the Accelerator Launchpad community through our Facebook page. Membership not only fosters existing relationships but also opens doors to new connections, providing inspiration and guidance to excel as a trusted advisor and individual.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions about membership?

Please contact us at membersupport@acceleratorlaunchpadcom.

Free Resources

Free Resources

Not ready to join yet? No problem!

There are loads of free resources for you on Accelerator Launchpad just waiting for you:

  • Check out our videos
  • Watch a webinar
  • Download a just-in-time workbook
  • Grab a whitepaper
  • Join a special FREE Zoom event
  • And much, much more…
Premium Memberships

Premium Memberships

We have three membership levels:

  1. Accelerator Solo is perfect for the financial professional pressed for time (or budget).
  2. Launchpad Cohort is perfect for professionals who  are clear that growing fast is best done in a group where there’s accountability.
  3. Rocket Liftoff includes everything that Solo and Cohort deliver… AND includes private, customized and confidential coaching from Joel.

LAUNCHPAD Memberships

Accelerator Solo
Perfect for a DIY Professional
This plan is designed for professionals tight on time (or budget)
Nothing to Schedule
Monthly podcast/interview
Let Me In
Launchpad Cohort
Optimized for Collaborative Acceleration
This plan is designed for professionals seeking an "iron sharpening iron" experience
Monthly podcast/interview
Moderated group coaching calls (2 per month)
Access to all group recordings
Growing in a dynamic, candid and private group
Beam Me Up
Rocket Liftoff
Supercharged for Massive Acceleration
This plan is designed for professionals seeking fastest transformation
Monthly podcast/interview
Moderated group coaching calls (2 per month)
Access to all group recordings
Growing in a dynamic, candid and private group
One-on-one individual coaching
Private access to one-on-one recording (encrypted)
Light Up Liftoff