To be as successful as you can be, you need to play to your entrepreneurial strengths.

~ But…first you have to know exactly what they are. ~

A Quick Overview of eDNA

Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough. Working outside of your natural entrepreneurial giftedness makes it much harder. And you don’t get kudos for working harder, do you? What do you suppose the impact is to your revenue success? Want to know more about this eDNA stuff?

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The Ongoing Impact of eDNA

Entrepreneurial people empowered by their eDNA

Universities and Business Schools integrating and/or recommending eDNA as part of their entrepreneurship coursework

Booth School of Business

Olin Business School

La Salle Business Engineering School

University of Idaho

University of Tampa

North Carolina State University

eDNA Endorsements

Not all entrepreneurs are the same. Neither are all businesses. [eDNA] helps you sort it all out and find the path that’s right for you.
Seth Godin

Author, Linchpin

This powerful, practical [tool] gives you proven techniques to help you maximize your personal and business potential and make more money than ever before.
Brian Tracy

Author, The Psychology of Selling

This…is the ultimate roadmap to building a thriving business and life as an entrepreneur. [eDNA]’s ideas and insights are fresh, innovative, timeless, and guaranteed to produce real results and position you for long-term success.
Ivan Misner

Founder, BNI

Are you interested in knowing your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and the strategies that work best for your particular DNA? If so, read this insightful and helpful [whitepaper].
Rafael Pastor

CEO, Vistage International

Stop trying to fit the mold of some successful entrepreneur you’ve seen and start tapping your own DNA…
John Jantsch

Author, Duct Tape Marketing