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Client Skills

Business Optimizer

Presentation Mastery

Client Skills


Client Skills

The Client Skills toolkit helps you quickly align your messaging with your values. It provides you the how elements of excellent client engagement. Because, ultimately, you really want as many of your clients to be your raving fans. Everything about growing your revenues gets easier as a result.

NOTE: the Sales Mastery toolkit delivers you the what elements required to accelerate your sales. Both toolkits are built to stand alone. But when intentionally partnered by the astute and proactive trusted advisor, well, that’s magic.


The Client Skills toolkit:

  1. Will quickly deliver the breakthrough you need to hit your immediate numbers goal.
  2. Includes your basic eDNA assessment (free) with readback session (60 minutes) with your certified eDNA coach.
  3. Maps a quick path out of the penalty box (payout “haircut”).
  4. Empowers you to crush the short-term goal.
  5. Teaches you how to play to your eDNA strength so you’re never in this position again.

Communication Matrix


Communication Matrix

Do your marketing initiatives include all 9 audience types? Does your marketing plan delineate your #1 message for each of your 9 audience types? How about the ideal messaging frequency, format (direct mail, social media, ads, blog, sales funnel, etc.)? Finally, does your marketing strategy include who owns the primary responsibility for each aspect? If you don’t have four “Yes!” answers, light up the Communication Matrix today.


The Communication Matrix toolkit:

  1. Quickly gets you past “the paper napkin” stage of your marketing strategy.
  2. Sharpens your clarity on your entire audience (not just your “targets”), from suspects all the way to raving fans.
  3. Defines who is the “owner” for reaching the various audience types, so no one falls through the cracks.
  4. Schedules out what’s happening throughout the year, what mediums are used (print ads, social, etc.).
  5. Allows you to set frequency levels, i.e., how often will each audience get a “touch” from your firm.

Presentation Mastery

$997 | $1,997 (PM2)

Presentation Mastery

Yes, you can do what everyone else is doing: Invite loads of prospects and clients to join you for a very nice dinner at a lovely venue and have a wholesaler make a product presentation. Work the list hard afterwards and hope you land a bunch of sales. On the other hand, if you want to stand out for all the right reasons, do something your competitors are unwilling to do: make the presentation yourself. Become a thought leader. Exponentially expand your circle of influence. Dominate your marketplace with Presentation Mastery..


The Presentation Mastery toolkit:

  1. You’ll learn what makes for a sizzling presentation or speech, and how to deliver it.
  2. Your niche will encompass business groups and networking channels often left in the cold.
  3. You’ll know what to look for in your slide deck and have a template to work from going forward.
  4. You’ll understand the core elements of great story-telling, and how to adapt your presentation.
  5. You’ll have a “Speaker One-Sheet” template to guide you in designing your own.
  6. If you elect Presentation Mastery 2, you’ll receive 3 rounds of feedback on a dry run of your presentation.

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