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…the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.

~Napoleon Hill



  • Are you an entrepreneur? Even a solopreneur?
  • Do you value synergy but lack relationships that bring it?
  • Would you benefit from a mutually supportive environment?
  • Is it difficult to meet—or exceed—your professional and personal goals?
  • How far would some regular encouragement go towards your success?
  • Could trusted resources—as needed—help you meet ambitious targets?

Take Action:

Besides Napoleon Hill, did you know that Benjamin Franklin belonged to a Mastermind group (his “Junto”). Also, J.R.R. Tolkien, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford, to name a few. Why? Because they knew that only when in the company of committed, confidential friends could they problem solve and develop methods that would change their world.

Our Charter

The Champions Mastermind lives by these core principles:

  • Synergy that comes from these confidential relationships
  • Mutual accountability, in a supportive environment
  • Meet—or exceed—our professional and personal goals
  • Thrive from regular encouragement
  • Trusted resources—other Champions—can help us meet ambitious targets
  • Only one member of an office, group or business team will participate, since open, candid and proactive discussion is a desired outcome
  • Because consistency provides valued bonds of friendship & trust, members agree to commit to the group for 1-year, with 80% attendance (if you’re in town and you’re not ill, you’re here)
  • This is a closed group, with a maximum of 10 members; new members join only when an opening occurs

Some of our Results


(Dan McQ: 14 years)

  1. Quickly increased AUM by 20%
  2. Removed “F-words” from his vocabulary (facts, figures, funds, fiduciary, forms and fear)
  3. Increased his openness to listen to WII-FM, the “channel” his clients played
  4. Empowered him to drastically reduce his “initiative” and replace it with “finitiative”
  5. Freed up his energy and time by focusing on his CORE entrepreneurial strength

Loves his systems! Able to take sabbatical (for a year!)


(Matt D: 10 years)

  1. Realigned his workflow and responsibilities to match his CORE entrepreneurial strength
  2. Helped him develop a predictable, comfortable pattern for staff evaluations
  3. Refocused his attention (and efforts) on cross-selling opportunities
  4. Same year, achieved the highest award status in his company

Smooth operations. Client retention up. Revenues up.


(Brian R: 12 years)

  1. Realigned his team member’s workflow and responsibilities to match their CORE entrepreneurial strengths
  2. Helped him optimize his role to his CORE entrepreneurial strengths
  3. Narrowed and retargeted marketing strategies to best align with the firm’s expertise

Massive impact. WAY LESS stress. Easier marketing!


(Bob L: 40+ years)

  1. Reframed his understanding of his CORE entrepreneurial strength (instant clarity)
  2. Removed unproductive, entrenched and debilitating habits
  3. Refocused his vision and mission, which simplified his workflow
  4. Narrowed the range of his workflow from crushing to easily manageable

Trusted his new systems. Able to confidently relax.


(Craig C: 35+ years)

  1. Liberated his career vision, because of insights into his CORE entrepreneurial strength
  2. He pivoted from direct sales into wholesaling
  3. Refocused his attention (and efforts) on collaborating with others in industry
  4. Helped him craft a compelling, long-term marketing structure, and web design

“Empowered! Having more fun than this should be illegal.”


(Pat C: 7 years)

  1. Helped him optimize his role to his CORE entrepreneurial strengths
  2. This resulted in his changing firms to better align with his vision for client care
  3. Provided guidance on specific sales skills for greater success (with less work)

Enjoys his career (finally). WAY LESS stress. Clear vision and mission.

Joel’s approach to coaching is almost indecipherable. It doesn’t feel like you are going through a coaching program.  It actually feels like you have the most ideal co-founder working alongside you. Joel is someone who not only understands what it is like to build something as momentous as a business, he also understands the complexity of doing that at the same time as actively raising a family. Joel has been in my corner supporting me, motivating me and inspiring me for as long as I can remember and I owe many personal and professional successes to him. If you have a chance to work with Joel…jump at it…he will change your life for the better on a personal and professional level.


Business Coach

Joel Lund

About Joel

Joel Lund has 20+ years of tested-in-the-trenches experience, as a top advisor, then a top 1% District Manager and finally as an international award-winning Managing Principal with a US-based Broker Dealer.

So, his coaching isn’t theoretical. Consequently, the financial professionals that seek him out see rapid breakthroughs in their practice. He specializes in expertly bringing simplicity and clarity to the process of elevating your game.

He’ll help you reach the success you’ve always wanted. Click on the button at the bottom of this page. You’ve got a lot to gain and nothing to lose. We’ll help you reach the summit, and achieve what you’re striving for.

Background & Certifications


No one is naturally gifted to build a business. Everyone either makes a bunch of costly mistakes…or they get help. Going with your gut may work for a while. But eventually you simply can’t work “harder, faster, smarter” in a vacuum. However, making quick progress is inevitable when you finally have accountability. We’re not talking about from your supervisor. The kind of accountability we’re talking about comes from your mastermind group. Because this kind of support is power!

topical format

recorded sessions

camaraderie & friendship

downloadable freebies

unlimited email

2 monthly online meetings

facilitated & coached

candid & private

Champions Mastermind FAQs

How long does Champions Mastermind run?
The Champions Mastermind is designed to run a full year. With 2 online meetings per month, this provides the individual Champion with 24 sessions packed full of acceleration power! Plus individual coaching (contingent on receiving that bonus). Plus unlimited emails to the Champions Mastermind facilitators!
Why a year?
Any time a human wants to change, they face resistance. Whether it’s losing weight, improving relationships, quitting a bad habit, or cultivating a positive mindset, these all take time and loads of persistence. One of the most transformative powers that Champions Mastermind brings is the camaraderie of like-minded professionals who are also committed to their goals. The beauty is that you’ll gain lasting friendships and celebrate in each other’s professional (and personal) growth. The fact is that many mastermind members continue for years after they reached their professional goals.
Is there a guarantee?
There is. The program has a 30-day no-hassle guarantee. So, you can jump in, attend a couple of meetings and try it on for size. Not working for you? Just let us know and you’ll be refunded (typically the same day). We will reach out to check in and request your feedback, as to what we could do better.
How does Champions Mastermind work?
The Champions Mastermind works as well as it does because it helps you venture into a larger world. You’ll see things differently. You’ll respond to challenges in a more proactive way. Being less isolated and insulated will empower you. Staying comfortable is another way of saying you’re dusty. If you’re content with your status, then this group is not for you. [see below for what a typical meeting is like]
How private is the group?
If you’re worried about the local competition finding out, no worries. The Champions Mastermind is literally as private as your open door policy. Which is to say that the webinar platform we use for our meetings is encrypted. The recordings are placed in an encrypted shared folder that only members of that specific group belong to. So, we recommend you have earbuds on (the ones that came with your phone are very suitable) and your office door closed for your mastermind meetings.
What can I expect from the group?
Great question! You can expect to grow professionally, of course. But don’t be surprised to stretch a bit on a personal level, too. Each session is optimized for high-value takeaways that you can begin implementing immediately. Most sessions will include a “hot seat” for one (and sometimes two) member to share what’s going well…or not; the rest of the group bring their best ideas and real-world experiences for the benefit of that member. Everyone gains from the experience! Plus, your facilitators will often add guidance based on their diverse experience working with entrepreneurs of many types. Some sessions may even include a bit of homework for you, typically practicing a skill-set or new habit presented.
Can this really accelerate my freedom / revenue / happiness?
Oh, yeah! Don’t be surprised if you see improvements in all three areas at the same time. Within the initial 60 days of your group’s launch, all members will be moderately fluent in the language of their entrepreneurial DNA. In other words, they’ll understand why the make the business decisions they do. This insight alone acts as a huge fulcrum, leveraging your work into something far more impactful than before.
Why is this an invitation-only group?
We structured Champions Mastermind as an invitation-only group to protect the viability of each group for its members. We have all been in far less important meetings where one person just had to dominate the conversation. How much fun was that? And that’s why we have it be invitation-only. The group works only as well as each member is willing to be open, candid, and receptive to guidance. In short, you need to come ready to play. Play hard. But play nice. Everyone gets a turn in the hot seat, right? What goes around, come around.
Can I talk to the members outside of the meeting?
Sure thing! While it is not required, we do encourage you get to know a few folks outside of the group. Each group will receive an email list of the other members. And if the group requests it, we’ll amend the list to include phone numbers.
Where are the other members?
Wherever they happen to live in North America. Most live in the US. Some in Canada.
How can I be sure the other members can help me, maybe they'll be far less successful than me?
Hm. We suggest that you head to the nearest mirror and quietly read your question out loud. Alternately, try reframing it this way: How can I be sure the other members will help me, if they’re far more successful than me? The Champions Mastermind is designed to deliver exponential growth to all members, regardless of where they’re at.
Are you guys qualified to do this?
Yep. Between Mel Kaario and Joel Lund, they hold 5 coaching certifications. More importantly, they have helped hundreds of professionals just like you. BONUS: Joel has been in the financial services industry for 20 years, and earned international recognition for his leadership.
I am hesitant to share my secrets and strategies with others, can I still join?
Thank you for your candor. That’s a question that only you can answer, though. We recommend you join Champions Mastermind only if you’re reasonably confident you can participate. Should you decide the group isn’t for you, that’s OK and it’s why we have the guarantee. Still, it is disruptive to the others in the group, which is why we advise not coming in with a mindset preloaded to leave. Also, you will be receiving loads of content from your facilitators. We’re versed in many areas that will sometimes fall outside of your wheelhouse. Consequently, you may leave many sessions thrilled with the new strategies you’ve learned, rather than feeling disinclined to share. Ultimately, you never need to share anything you don’t wish to. NOTE: because it is common for members to be affiliated with firms using proprietary strategies, we’re very mindful—and careful—about confirming what members are about to share with group is something they can share with the group.
Can a member of a competing office or company join my group?
Yes. This is a foundational expectation, in fact. Our hunch is that’s not really what your question is about, though. You may have heard of the concept of a “scarcity mindset.” It is, by huge margins, the way most people operate: there isn’t enough to go around, so I must protect any advantage I can get or already have. We view the world as abundant. Further, we believe the only person you ever really compete with lives inside your head. You can expect us to circle back, more than once, to mindset. It is essential to shift so that it works for you. NOTE: your mindset is not always a willing participant to undergoing change.
What will a typical meeting look like?
A typical Champions Mastermind meeting will actually begin the day before, when members will receive an emailed survey. This way members can request time in the hot-seat, or ask for just-in-time guidance for an upcoming challenge they need help with. In broad strokes, each meeting will include:

  • Reminder of the CM Covenant.
  • Reminder of the purpose and goal of their CM group.
  • Overview of the content for the session (usually determined from the prior meeting).
  • A shout out for a member who wants to celebrate a victory since the prior meeting.
  • “Showing up”—this doesn’t simply mean you attend as many meeting as possible, it means being present during the meeting, undistracted, paying attention, and playing as hard as you can.
  • Being challenged to rethink an assumption or a habit that others see as impeding your success.
  • Being receptive and grateful for their input.
How do you take payment?

Accelerator Launchpad (the provider of Champions Mastermind) uses rock-solid online payment portals to simplify our users’ experience. Plus they allow for more nimble payment options (i.e., quarterly, monthly, annual).

Is there anything off limits in terms of discussion?
Not really, if it’s business related. But we, like you, prefer to stay focused on The Three G’s: growth, goals and gratitude. Want to talk politics? Probably not the right forum. And what happens in your bedroom stays in your bedroom.
What time of day will the sessions be?
That will be determined by the members of the group. Please know that it is a certainty that it won’t be convenient for anyone all the time.
Why is this such a big investment?
Hm. We’ll take your challenge, while reversing the question. How much acceleration toward your freedom would you need to see to make your investment priceless? Because that’s what your question is really about. If you reach your goals sooner and easier, or blast past them with a grin on your face, then have you really made a “big” investment? Or a priceless one? Looking at it another way, let’s say you’re a wealth manager, compensated ~1% annually from your client’s assets. So if you have a client with $1M invested with you, they’re paying $10,000 for the privilege of working with you. If you are an exceedingly proactive advisor, this client might see you once a quarter. We hope your client values the time you provide them. Yet, you can see why they might question their “investment”, since they could conclude it costs them $2,500 for meeting with you. As a member of Champions Mastermind, you receive 24 high-value meetings designed to propel you to greater success. If you define your freedom as making $200K next year, versus the $100K you made last year, you have a $100K “problem.” Solving that problem means you have $100K more. Is an investment of less than 10% to reach that accomplishment…“big”? The bottom line to your question is, in fact, your bottom line. If you accelerate your freedom in super meaningful ways to you, then your investment is priceless. Imagine how you’ll feel, looking back on your time in Champions Mastermind, having exceeded your goals. Imagine the career you’ve always dreamed about, except now it’s a reality you enjoy each day. Imagine. What’s that worth to you?







(for a 12-month membership)

Yes, I’m tired of not having the success I’ve always wanted. I’m ready to accelerate my freedom! I want into the CHAMPIONS MASTERMIND.