Refining. Retooling. Renewing.


The first step in wrangling your day to be highly productive is to be honest: you can no more manage your time than you can dictate the seasons. We all get the same 168 hours per week, to do with as we will. Trying to “manage” those hours only helps you waste them.

However, we can absolutely manage our priorities. This is a foundational skill to integrate into your practice…and life.


Without priority management, your work-life balance will wobble back and forth like one of those kid’s toys.

But bringing your life into balance is one of the most satisfying joys you’ll have. Your staff will thank you. Your loved ones will thank you. And you’ll smile a lot more.


Remember why you got into the financial service business? Sure, there was the opportunity to make more money. Maybe you were attracted to being in “command of your destiny.”

But the chances are high you also wanted to serve the people around you. Giving back was important to you. Yet, how easy it is to lose track of that goal when the pressures of your practice crowd in. We’ll look at ways to help you make a lasting impact in your world.


It’s been said that the only thing standing between the average consumer and financial ruin is a trusted advisor. What you do matters. So refining your client leadership skills isn’t something to put on your “To Do” but on your “Got Done” list. And remember, this list is one that stays in your pocket, since mastering this skill is a lifelong journey.


Walk down the hall and ask your peer, “How do you build your business?” You’ll hear 3 answer, probably in this order: 1) Networking, 2) Referrals, 3) Center of Influence. Then ask them, “How are these working for you?” Statistically, the odds are ridiculously high that you’ll be told, “They’re not.”

We’ll work through how to make each of these “normal” ways to grow your practice work better. But if you dare, we’ll show you the best way–the 4th way: Become a center of transformation.


Your vision and mission function as your rudder, both in business and home. If you’re fuzzy on either of them, you’ll drift. The more fuzzy you are, the more drift. This is another foundation area we’ll focus on. Because when the strong winds blow against your practice, your rudder better be strong.


What’s a “power habit”? First, it’s a behavior you repeat without thinking much about it. Second, it accelerates you to the goals you can’t tolerate not achieving. Did you know that most professionals don’t exercise power habits? OK, so we didn’t really think you’d be surprised. Because you’ve seen that reality. Perhaps you’ve lived that reality. Let’s make sure that doesn’t continue.


Standing out in a crowded marketplace is easier said than done. And doing it right, within the compliance boundaries you live with can be a challenge. A terrific approach to this crucial task is to hone your skills as a thought leader. You’ll earn what that means and how you can deepen your influence (yes, you can), as you become more indispensable to your clients…and future clients.


Obviously, without sales mastery it’s much harder to reach the levels of success you’re aiming at. But even veteran financial professionals need to keep this blade sharp. It’s not like the markets stay static. Government changes tax laws, and create regulatory environments that sometimes help, but more often vex. Related to power habits, sales mastery is another foundational focus area. The worst that would happen from improving here is that you’ll reach your monetary goals quicker.


Unless you are working purely solo (which is something to look at), how you interact with your staff can become “the tail that wags the dog.” Get it right and things will go swimmingly in your office, most days. Mess it up even a little, and you increase your stress and those you work with. Inefficiencies grow. Revenues shrink. Clients get unhappy and leave. This is the fourth foundational focus area. People are people. Elevate your skills here and reap major rewards.


Of all the CHAMPIONS MASTERMIND focus areas, it’s your freedom that we’re aiming at. It is the lens through which we look. All of the focus areas are designed to accelerate your freedom.

Keep in mind that your freedom isn’t something vague, just beyond view. Your freedom can be growing daily. As it should be.


There's no prize for waiting. Invest a little time in a conversation. You are not committing to anything. No entrepreneur launches into business with all of these aspects fully functional. Let's talk!


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