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Happily, our Bronze Mission Control program plugs seasoned professionals who have already successfully completed 2 to 3 years of coaching into a powerful Success Path maintenance program for ongoing board-level advisory services.

This program may also be appropriate for a start-up business with less than three team members wanting to do things right the first time by developing the marketing, sales, team, and systems necessary to support your optimal growth.



Thanks for your obvious interest in our coaching programs.

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Because you’ve just taken the first step to accelerating your revenue success. Each of our coaching programs is optimized to empower you to proactively accelerate your revenues and create more opportunity, while you race toward the practice you’ve always wanted.

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BRONZE Coaching

Bronze Mission Control Includes:

  • 2 Coaching Sessions Per Month (Up to 30 minutes each as required)
  • Strategic Plan Set-Up (Up to 2 planning sessions as required)
  • Tactical Plan Quarterly Updates (Included: $3,997 value)
  • Learning Materials, Templates, and Systems (Included: priceless)
  • Critique Service, 4x Per Month (Included: priceless)
  • 1 Supplier/Customer Consultations (Included: $997 value)


Time Investment:

* 1-4 Hours Per Week

Financial Investment:

* 1x Set-Up Fee: $797
* $797 Per Month

  1. Time invested will need to be applied towards the implementation of the agreed strategies and tactics. This investment can come from you or your assigned team/vendors, but you are ultimately responsible to champion the timely completion of these strategies and tactics.
  2. The monthly investment is paid on the same day of each month by automatic processing of the credit or debit card on file, and in advance of the month’s services being rendered.
AL Success Path Framework

“If you have a chance to work with Joel… jump at it… he will change your life for the better on a personal and professional level.” ~Kase Dean


Altogether, the SUCCESS PATH Framework provides you with robust options that also align with your budget and availability. As a participant in any Accelerator Launchpad’s SUCCESS PATH Coaching Program, you receive access to the following services based on your selected program:

Strategic Planning Sessions

In your first month of the Coaching Program, you’ll conduct a 2 to 8 hour Strategic Planning Session with your Coach. Your overall objective is to identify and articulate your personal and business vision and goals. Together, you’ll develop a Strategic Plan that includes the activities you and your team will act on to achieve your goals. To maintain your momentum and with guidance from your Coach, you’ll also update your Strategic Plan each quarter.

Coaching Sessions

Based on the program you chose, you will attend 2 to 8 hours per month of coaching sessions (using Zoom), You will be goal-setting in these sessions and also engage in candid accountability. In addition, you’ll troubleshoot any setbacks or challenges you’ve encountered. As a result, touch base with your Coach via email whenever you need to discuss unforeseen challenges that arise during your week.

Team Day (when applicable)

Whenever a business includes at least 5 full-time team members, it is essential to include them at an appropriate level. Consequently, your Team Day is conducted in either the second or third month of the program. Since Team Day is designed to unify your team behind your Strategic Plan and jump start the Coaching Program for maximum results, earlier is better.

Learning Materials, Templates, and Systems

Significantly, you will utilize dozens of proprietary templates and systems on an as-needed basis. These will enhance and simplify completing the weekly goals you’ve set. These include business and strategic plans, marketing and advertising templates, sales scripts, operations manuals, financial management tools, and more.

Critique Services

Because clear and timely feedback from your Coach is so critical for your quick progress, it is a key component of our coaching programs. This is why your Coach critiques your work on goals and assignments between weekly coaching appointments. Therefore you’re encouraged to submit your work for critique by email to expedite this. In addition, your coach’s critiques will be delivered via email or during your next coaching session.

Consultations (Suppliers, Customers, Professional Service Providers)

Whenever you think it could be helpful, discuss with your Coach the best time to conduct (up to four) complimentary consultations per year with your key suppliers, customers, or professional advisors to solicit and understand their viewpoints and coordinate your coaching program with their efforts.

Resources and Services

Occasionally, because of previous years of networking and prior coaching engagements your Coach will be empowered to give you access to best-in-class business building resources and services supplied by our strategic partners at reduced rates. These include various assessment tools, training programs, professional services, and more.

OUR Qualifications & Awards

  • 3X Coaching Certifications
  • 4X GAMA International Manager of the Year awards


  • Masters
  • CFP Educational Certification


  • #1 First-Year Financial Advisor
  • 1% District Manager
  • Top 10% Managing Principal


  • Numerous company awards
  • Top 10 Idaho Author
  • 1st Place, North American Book Awards
  • 3X STP Finisher

Client Commitment

As a Launchpad coaching client, it’s important that we have your commitment and dedication to the program so we can help you achieve your goals, needs, and expectations! Consequently, please take note of the following standards to ensure your commitment to their execution:

  1. At all times, you will be honest, truthful and professional.
  2. Full transparency and disclosure is necessary so that we can serve you efficiently.
  3. Testing strategies to determine results and identify what works best for your business accelerates your progress.
  4. Keep all your appointments or give us at least a 24 hours notice with any changes.
  5. If you are not fully satisfied with the services you are receiving, you will immediately notify us so we can work with you to rectify your concerns.
  6. Be realistic with your expectations of us and of yourself.
  7. Always be prepared to take the action on our mutually agreed upon goals.
  8. Invest in yourself…and adapt, as necessary, to achieve your goals.

What We’ll Work On Together…






Team Optimizing




Finally, as we all know, unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Consequently, all references examples and testimonials are not intended to be representative of typical results, nor are they a guarantee or promise of any results. Rather, individual success varies and id due to myriad factors such as effort, knowledge, technique, timing and experience.