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30-Day Breakthrough


30-Day Breakthrough

We all get the same amount of time each week. Too many people spend a lot of those 168 hours getting ready to get ready. You know what I’m referring to. You’re paying full attention to my words and because of that I can tell that you are really committed and determined to finally get serious about leveling up your business success. So what’s the problem?

Let’s be real together. Would that be OK with you? The problem is that the vast majority of entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners—people just like you—never go any further. They do exactly what your clients do that drives you nuts: “I’ll think about it.” “Now isn’t the right time.” “We’re good…but this sounds great for that guy.”

Now, visualize yourself having already utilized a coach. It’s a year from now. You’ve already exceeded all previous benchmarks. You’re a better professional. Your business is rocking. You can’t imagine going back. What’s that worth to you?


The 30-Day Breakthrough toolkit:

  1. Will quickly deliver the breakthrough you need to hit your immediate numbers goal.
  2. Includes your basic eDNA assessment (free) with readback session (60 minutes) with your certified eDNA coach.
  3. Maps a quick path out of the penalty box or payout “haircut”.
  4. Empowers you to crush the short-term goal.
  5. Teaches you how to play to your eDNA strength so you’re never in this position again.

90-Day Accelerator


90-Day Accelerator

To some it seems strange, even crazy, that the most elite, accomplished athletes use a coach. But you know that: Becoming incrementally better than the competition takes grit, resolve, focus…and an outsider’s perspective. In racing, a hundredth of a second determines winners from also-rans. In baseball, slightly better at-bat performance can mean an exponentially bigger contract.

Gratefully, individual improvement in your performance doesn’t have to be so dramatic or public. Still, the impact of utilizing a coach can be just as impactful for you as it is for the most elite athletes.


With the power of 90-Day Accelerator toolkit:

  1. You will stop reacting to your business. Instead, you’ll be proactive and purposeful.
  2. You’ll play only to your eDNA strengths (advanced assessment insights are much more nuanced). Everything else you’ll delegate.
  3. Your 90-minute readback session will include an immediate action step shortlist.
  4. You’ll have a 30-minute follow up progress-report session with your certified eDNA coach.
  5. You’ll find the optimal rhythm for your work-life balance.

Team Transformer

$1,497 – $9,497

Team Transformer

Not all practitioners work alone. Many have at least one assistant. Many have teams working in a collaborative office. Here’s the challenge: the more people integrating into a holistic enterprise the more can go sideways. Making sure that everyone is playing to their greatest entrepreneurial strengths makes for the most nimble, creative and responsive team possible. Your clients receive the greatest experiences. Your enterprise recognizes the greatest revenues.


The Team Transformer toolkit:

  1. Will get all members of your team on the same page.
  2. Includes the Team eDNA Assessment:
    • Each member receives an advanced assessment, with their individual pdf report.
    • Individual readback sessions, for up to 5 key team members (30 minutes each).
    • Full-team readback (up to 120 minutes).
    • All readbacks are delivered by your assigned & certified eDNA coach.
  3. Maps out (scattergram) where each team member “lives” entrepreneurially within the team [see sample].
  4. Clarifies each member’s strengths to the team…and also their challenges.
  5. Identifies the core strengths and pinch-points for the entire team, collectively.
  6. Brings an amazing amount of appreciation for the other members of the team.
  7. Enables the team leader (owner, HR, manager) to be much more strategic in their planning, since they can literally see the big picture.

Champions Mastermind

$997 per month

Champions Mastermind

Champions Mastermind is an online group. We meet in encrypted environments (either via WebinarJam or Zoom). Our normal schedule is 2 meetings per month. There may be a special meeting from time to time, based on the needs of the group, or an individual in the group needing urgent support.

Champions Mastermind brings multiple resources to its members. Books may serve as the conversation foil from time to time. Champions Mastermind is moderated by a certified business coach, so members of the group will benefit from case studies, workbooks, videos and other resources they bring to the group. However, the greatest growth will come from personal sharing, application of ideas, and the strength that comes from others committed to their success. In other words, the chances are high that you will make lifelong friends here.


More about Champions Mastermind:

  1. This premium toolkit is for only the most focused and committed trusted advisor.
  2. CM runs one-year.
  3. Includes your advanced eDNA assessment, with an extended readback session (120 minutes) with your certified eDNA coach.
  4. Includes monthly individual coaching sessions.
  5. Includes monthly group coaching sessions (masterminds).
  6. Includes unlimited email support.
  7. Empowers you to grow faster due to the power of the collective wisdom in your mastermind.
  8. Delivers the most exponential growth environment you can find.

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