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CASE STUDIES: Independent Financial Planner

How We Increased Sales By Over 21% In Less Than 4 Months

What got you where you are won’t get you where you want to go, unless where you want to go is where you already are.


How We Increased Policy Retention By Over 48% In 8 Months

Taking clients for granted is a simple and sure path to doom. Increasing policy retention requires intention and then attention.

CASE STUDIES: Wealth Management RIA

How We Crafted 100% Confidence In A Partner’s Transition In 2 Months

Often, the first step on the path to a better future is to stop doing something you’re accustomed to. And that’s often to stop smoking “Hopium.”

CASE STUDIES: Independent CPA Firm

How We Nurtured A 48% Drop In Staff Conflict In Less Than 6 Months

Pretending that people won’t naturally have conflict guarantees there will be more conflict. Optimizing roles based on goals…and strengths…brings harmony.

CASE STUDIES: Independent Advisor

How We Snagged A 2300% Increase In Lead Generation In 2 Months

Hey, we get it. That’s a big increase, right? But you know numbers. If your starting point is terrible, then big results are, well, not that hard. Breaking habits is.

CASE STUDIES: Established Law Firm

How We Strategized A 61% Drop In Staff Conflict In 2 Months

When you’ve built the firm out of nothing, from the ground up, it’s going to be difficult to “let go” of some things. Especially the things that matter.


“Joel’s approach to coaching is almost indecipherable. It doesn’t feel like you are going through a coaching program.  It actually feels like you have the most ideal co-founder working alongside you.”

Kase Dean, CEO Funnel Press

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